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The mini power pack 2G, a modular approach

Our second generation of HPI mini power packs are based on a 100% modular concept incorporating exclusive elements:

  • a die-cast support integrating basic functions in the form of cartridges
  • a series 1 high-output pump allowing the power pack flow rate to be increased
  • the possibility of creating complex systems by fitting valves into two sets of different ports possibly including integrated electronic control.
  • a wide range of standard tanks from 0,5 to 25 litres capacity

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Choice of motors

Our HPI micro power packs are available in direct current (DC) or in single and three phase alternating (AC) current:  with flow rates from 2.0 to 25.8 l/min. at a maximum pressure of 300 bar.

Direct current (DC) (12V and 24V):



Alternating current (AC) (single and three phase):



Cartridge design concept

To ensure improved reliability and maximum flexibility, HPI mini power packs are designed around a cartridge system which fits into the support.

  • The pressure relief valve and check valve are two cartridges inserted directly into the pump support which are also easy to disassemble for modification or maintenance.
VNF : Normally closed valve
VNO : Normally opened valve
VLB : Bi-directional logical valve
 4/2 Valve D61(valve)
4/3 Valve E84(valve)
Proportional valve A103(valve)
Free flow FREE FLOW Z5096367
Single and double acting cylinder VERIN 116129 verin 117015
Hand pump POMPE A MAIN 114630
Valves on block Bloc valve
Blocks MBS® 3 valves 3 positions BLOC MBS
Support MNC 2G en coupe


The design of our mini power pack 2G allows the production of complete hydraulic systems incorporating:

  • Powerful motors
  • A pump support allowing the production of complex applications by integrating hydraulic functions into two sets of ports
  • Integration of electronic control of power pack valves as in the case of SMC*
  • A range of standard tanks resulting in the design of power packs with the smallest possible overall dimensions

(*) Soft Motion Control is an exclusive system for electronic valve control allowing management of varying phases of acceleration and deceleration (for more information, please contact HPI).

Tanks-Mini power pack


A full range of alternating or direct current motors

Pump capacity of 1 to 6 cm3/rev.

Tanks for all applications from 0,5 à 25 liters


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