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HPI offers a set of solutions adapted for the speed regulation for hydraulic motors driving ventilator screws : Hydraulic Fan drive Cooling System (HMC),  an exclusive HPI feature!

This is an electronic regulation function by proportional valve controlled by electronics integrating data from several temperature sensors.



  • Fan speed regulation


Main advantages :

  • Different parameters of regulation (CAN BUS information)
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced noise level
  • Compact and low-weight solution
  • Lower cost than other hydraulic solutions
  • EURO 6 & TIER 4 norms
  • Complete system supply with integrated fan


  • Complete stop of the fan
  • Reverse function
  • MBMS®
  • Speed sensor
  • Temperature sensor




Single/Dual /Quad controller






Applications :

  • Buses
  • Agriculture
  • Road maintenance
  • Public works
  • Material Handling

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