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The widest range of gear pumps

With a capacity from 0.25 to 250 cm3/rev., and peak pressure up to 330 bar, the HPI provides the widest capacity range of hydraulic gear pumps on the market.

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From a modular design, they are suitable to all the market standards: ISO, DIN, SAE, Italian type etc…

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Exclusive output

The quality of manufacture and the exclusive design of HPI compensation enable a volumetric output of nearly 97%, generating energy savings in the power transmission.



Multiple pumps

The modularity of HPI pumps allows the composition of multiple pumps with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 sections.



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To allow even greater flexibility, the exclusive “Module 3” system allows to compose kits in production shops for greater reactivity.

Heavy duty pumps

Series 2.6 and Saphir 2G pumps enable to obtain high peak pressures of 330 bar for the most difficult applications.



The series 2.6 pump with its front and rear body in cast iron and its reinforced central body combines the advantages of cast iron pumps for its capacity to bear high pressures, and the advantages of aluminium pumps for its fatigue resistance.


Functions on rear bodies

HPI Pumps incorporate hydraulic functions such as :

  • High or low pressure relief valve
  • Flow regulator
  • 2-track flow divider

This technology complete allow to supply systems, which reduce time and integration costs of our customers.

  • Direct acting low pressure relief valve with internal return
  • Pressure relief valve with by pass
  • Flow control valve with internal return
  • Direct acting low pressure relief valve with external return
  • Direct acting high pressure relief valve with internal return
  • Flow control with pressure relief valve with internal return
  • 2 ways flow control valve
  • Direct acting high pressure relief valve with external return
  • Anticavitation valve
  • Load Sensing function


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