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Trust & Excellence


  • On-site integration of products and validation services by our engineers
  • Quick responsiveness for all types of products thanks to our organization’s flexibility
  • Availability of a very wide range of products
  • Customization of products according to your specific needs
  • National and international distribution network


  • Direct, customized and easy installation for your applications
  • Full hydraulic systems including integration of additional functions (valves and blocks)
  • In-depth analysis of your specific needs
  • Design and implementation of adapted solutions


  • Systematic testing of all our products at the end of each product line
  • French design and manufacture of all our products
  • Reliable and qualified after-sales department
  • Optimum follow-up of spare parts


  • Continuous optimization of energy saving techniques
  • Products compatibility with all industrial lubricants adhering to current standards
  • Continuous noise reduction research
  • International Quality & Environment certifications
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