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We give a special importance to product quality. The “Monozukuri” spirit, the art of refined craftsmanship and superior quality, is at the heart of our organization. We give you hall our know-how and skills to deliver to you high quality and advanced technology products.

We have high technology tools which enable to ensure that at every stage of the implementation of a project the best solutions will be available to answer to your needs. We have an integrated Research & Development department enabling an excellent reactivity and an internal Engineering & Design Department dedicated to develop and validate adapted solutions. A team of more than 25 engineers and skilled technicians design the new products using advanced computer resources. Thanks to our Prototypes Department we develop for you entire customized products.

All new products are tested on the applications to validate feasibility, and on dedicated benches enabling all the constraints incurred by products under real conditions to be applied: vibratory, hydraulic, climatic, electric.

We have a wide range of control equipments which can handle a wide variety of measurements: dimensions, tribological, hydraulic, electric, electronics, rheology, macrographic, noise, vibration, chemical composition, acoustic etc.

We ensure a strict quality control of all our products on compact lines incorporating process controls in every stage of the assembly, all the products being individually tested at the end of the line. We have flexible production resources which benefit from the synergy with motor vehicle activity to satisfy all your demands.

We are certified ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ILO OSH according to standards in force in the motor vehicle industry and other industrial branches all over the world.

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