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“Starting a good professional career must be a priority. In a environment which favors little hierarchy, a close training and knowledge transmission, you will have the opportunity to prove your ability.
HPI is attuned to your projects and ideas. In independent structures where responsibility and enterprise are real, you will be able to increase your power to act!
We offer a supportive environment for new experiences and exciting opportunities. We give all talents the means to progress and grow professionally, with a few simple principles: proximity, initiative and performance.
Beyond a mere degree, it is each individual’s personality which makes the difference. In a dynamic and competitive environment, we are, above all, looking for employees with human qualities, commitment and professional motivation.”

The Human Resources Department of HPI


We are constantly looking for new talents because we estimate that personality characteristics enriched our range of professions. This multitude of know-how and expertise constitutes a true richness for our company.

What we expect from you:

·        Accuracy and attention to detail

·        Surpassing oneself

·        Taste for well done job

·        Passion for service and quality

What we offer to you:

·        Autonomy and responsibilities

·        Valuing team work

·        Friendly environment


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