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HPI benefits from an exclusive motorization, as a result from an automotive technology which helps to obtain higher power with an improved service and minimum overall dimensions.

To ensure a higher reliability and a maximum adaptability, HPI power packs are designed around a system of cartridges which fits directly into the support.

  • The pressure relief valve and the check valve are two cartridges inserted into the support which is easy to disassemble for modification or maintenance.
  • Poppet valves such as VNF, VNO, VLB, 4/2, 4/3 and even proportional valves can be fitted directly into the support without a block


HPI micro power packs are available:

  • In direct or alternative, single and threephase currents : with powers ranging from 0.4 to 1.2kW, very compact as shows our 400 W motor which is only 78 mm long with a diameter of 100 mm!
  • Direct current:
    • Flow: from4 to 9 l/min
    • Maximum pressure : 280 bar
  • Alternative current:
    • Flow: from 0.4 to 1.2 l/min
    • Maximum pressure: 280 bar


  • Tanks : available from 0.5 to 6.3 L


Tanks-Micro power pack_2













The HPI power packs range meets your specific needs with 3 families of products :

  • Micro power packs 2G
  • Micro power packs 3G
  • Silent Micro power packs


A turnkey solution

The micro power packs 2G have an exclusive motor originating from automotive technology. They are very reliable and competitive. The unique design of the support, especially devised for pallet truck issues, directly incorporates the pressure relief valve and the functional valve without the need to add additional blocks. The power pack is compact and optimized in order to address size issues.

HPI offers a turnkey solution which proved its worth!

  • Maximum pressure : 250 bar
  • Direct current
  • Power: between 0,8 and1,2 kw
  • Support with pressure relief valve and check valve







For more information, do not hesitate to read our detailed technical sheets.

A product of high technology

HPI’s third generation of micro power packs is based on a 100% modular design which incorporates exclusive elements:

  • An exclusive HPI motorization available in direct or alternative current
  • A die cast support able to directly incorporate functions without the need of blocks
  • A high efficiency 0 pump series which enables to increase the service rate of the power pack: capacity of the pump from 0,25 to 2 cm3/rev.
  • The possibility of creating complex systems by fitting valves on a set of ports and a cavity for cartridge valve with integrated electronic control
  • A wide range of tanks from 0,5 to 6,3 liters as standard products


The design of the micro power pack 3G makes feasable the building of a complete hydraulic systems incorporating :

  • A compact motorization
  • A support enabling the production of complex applications by integrating hydraulic functions into a set of ports and a cavity for cartridge valves.
  • The possibility of assembling directly a simple or a double effect jack on the support!
  • The integration of electronic control on the valves of the power pack
  • A range of standard tanks which allows an adaptation to the application with the smallest possible overall dimensions

For more information, do not hesitate to read our detailed technical sheets.



For pallet truck applications


pompe silence + micro centrale HPI

  • Noise reduction by an average of -10 dBA
  • Operating frequency ranges adapted for optimized working conditions for the user
  • The 22-tooth helical profile on series 0 pumps, unique for that size of pumps
  • Capacities available are 1 – 1,25 – 1,5 – 1,7 – 2 cc/rev for operating pressures from 125 to 250 bar


Noise reduction is indeed becoming the real challenge for today’s industrial market. Market competitiveness and new European regulations in the handling sector, particularly for pallet trucks, are such that the suppliers are impelled to develop new technologies meeting increasing requirements from their customers. Acoustic nuisances have several origins: the pump hydraulic pulsations, being propagated through hoses and pipes, and then affecting the truck structure via the frame (structure-borne sound) and the aerial noise (rotation frequency of an electric motor or a pump) which can be contained by an acoustic cover.

Very compact, the Silent Pump reaches amazing results on the reduction of noise pollution.


Comparison of 1cc/rev and 1,25cc/rev capacities using standard and silent pinion technology. The tests were realized in HPI own anechoic room on a power pack with 1,2kW motor.

We worked closely with the R&D Department of our production site in Blois (France) dedicated to Automotive applications in order to develop a unique profile of side plate, which is the component that allows the noise reduction. We took advantage of the technology developed for steering systems for several years and we adapted it to handling sector applications. We applied the technology, thanks to new tests and research launched, and enhanced it in order to cover a wider range of capacities and pressures in accordance with our customer’s requirements.

Pignons pompe silence

In order to lessen the hydraulic pulsations, we designed a specific helical tooth profile with a suitable propeller angle and increased the number of teeth of the pinions from 12 to 22.

The acoustic results show that the noise level has been reduced by an average of -10 dBA, when compared with a standard external gear pump. The new HPI Silent Pump is also characterized by a much more pleasant sound when in use. Indeed, the operating frequency ranges have been adapted for optimized working conditions for the user. The 22-tooth helical profile on series 0 pumps, unique for that size of pumps, reduces significantly the hydraulic pulsations. The capacities available are 1 – 1,25 – 1,5 – 1,7 – 2 cc/rev for operating pressures from 125 to 250 bar.

All our Silent Pumps are available on our micro power packs 2G and soon available on 3G and 4G.

Photo transpalette pompe silence HPI

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